Jäger 90 - Rückspulen (W)

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Jäger 90 - Rückspulen

Label : Oraculo Records - Electro Shock Records

Format : LP - Album - White Vinyl (300 copies !)

Release : 2024 

Style : EBM - Darkwave


Jäger 90, from Germany, stands as one of the last genuine bastions of body music, akin to DAF or Liaisons Dangereuses. Their album “Rückspulen” provides an hypnotic sonic experience characterized by simple yet powerful instrumentals, where acoustic drums intertwine with deep square wave monophonic basslines to create an immersive and intense atmosphere. Presented in ONE-OFF truly limited edition of 300 copies lacquered pressed on 180 gr. high quality solid WHITE vinyl and an EXTRA SERIE of 100 copies in solid BLACK vinyl. All tracks have been specially mastered for vinyl by Daniel Hallhuber at Young and Cold Studios (Germany). Includes inmediate digital download.


A1 Un Tanz 2:28

A2 Blitze In Deinen Augen 2:58

A3 Scheißegal 3:11

A4 Stärker Als Du Meinst 3:32

B1 Denk Das Ist Ok 3:47

B2 Für Die Ewikeit 2:55

B3 Stiefelblitz 3:49

B4 Feiern Bei Nacht 3:35


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