Clouzer - Call Of The Abyss EP

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Clouzer - Call Of The Abyss EP

Label : Distant Gaze

Format : 12" Vinyl

Release : 06/2024 

Style : Downtempo - Breakbeat - Synth Pop 


For the third label’s release, Clouzer returns to Distant Gaze with “Call of the Abyss,” a six-track EP featuring three originals alongside three remixes from acclaimed artists Damon Jee, Zakmina, and Berlin’s emerging talent, Zee Mon.

At the helm of the EP is Clouzer’s captivating journey, “Voices from the Abyss,” extraterrestrial echoes and pulsating broken beats, embarking on an exploration into the depths of the unknown. The EP’s second track emerges as a powerful stage presence, guided by the haunting vocals of Valentin Henning. Blurred and delayed textures immersing the listener in a mind-altering experience. Pulsating rave energy of “Perpetual” fuses cosmic elements, broken beats, and dark disco bassline, embodying Clouzer’s distinctive sonic identity.

Adding to the EP’s allure are three remixes, each offering a unique interpretation. Zee Mon’s rendition of “Perpetual” channels darkwave energy, infusing the track with an irresistible pulse, a primetime banger on vibing dance-floor. Damon Jee’s remix of “Stalactites” delivers his trademark full-throttle dance-floor oriented dark disco, elevating the EP to the next level of intensity. Finally, Zakmina’s broken beat journey serves as a beautiful sublime culmination of the EP, evoking the feeling of a perfect closing track for an enchanting morning DJ set.


Clouzer - Voices From The Abyss
Clouzer Ft. Valentin Henning - Stalactites
Clouzer - Perpetual
Clouzer - Perpetual (Zee Mon Remix)
Clouzer Ft. Valentin Henning - Stalactites (Damon Jee Remix)
Clouzer Ft. Valentin Henning - Stalactites (Zakmina Remix)


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