Kano - Kano

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Kano - Kano

Label : Full Time

Format : LP - Album - Reissue - Remastered

Release :  

Style : Disco - Italo-Disco 


Straight from the immense shelves of the Full Time Production warehouse, here’s a new must-have gem for the Italo disco lovers. Eponymous album ”Kano ” is remastered for vinyl for the first time since 1980 and is given an incredible new life through this remastered version pressed on limited edition hand-numbered vinyl that is deep in grooves and inspiration. The first successful pioneer and ambassadors of the newly-minted ”italo disco”, Stefano Pulga and Luciano Ninzatti formed the core of Kano forging a consistent and memorable sound maintened throughout. This is the sound of an army of buzzing, mini-computers and thickly-slapped bass guitars igniting neon squares across dancefloors worldwide. As such, it sort of straddles the line between italo disco and synth funk. Each of the six songs provides 6 to 7 minutes of danceable delights with lengthy instrumental stretches perfect for nightclubs. With vocals that are a mix of natural, falsetto and robotic, this is an album for boys, girls and androids alike.


A1 It's A War 6:52

A2 Now Baby Now 5:52

A3 Cosmic Voyager 6:19

B1 Ahjia 6:10

B2 Super Extra Sexy Sign 6:28

B3 I'm Ready 6:30


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