Fun Fun - Happy Station (Ben Liebrand Le Disco Remix) (12")

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Fun Fun - Happy Station (Ben Liebrand Le Disco Remix)

Label : High Fashion Music

Format : 12" Vinyl - Red Vinyl

Release :  06/2024

Style : Disco - Italo Disco 


Step into the time capsule of musical nostalgia as we journey back to the vibrant beats of the 1980s, where “Fun Fun” ruled the European dance floors. Picture this: a sensation that swept across the continent, fueled by the electrifying ‘Scratch remix’ crafted by the maestro Ben Liebrand

Fast forward four decades where Ben Liebrand, unleashes a fresh remix again, setting the stage for a thrilling revival on his weekly “Mini Mix” radio show on Dutch National radio-station Radio 10. Having hit the airwaves, the demand for an official release skyrocketed, and a collaboration between High Fashion Music and Energy Production, Italy, has now made the impossible possible!

Ben Liebrand’s remix breathes new life into the beloved Italo Disco classic. The daring chord patterns weave a sonic tapestry that propels the vocals to new heights, while a pulsating Disco Groove injects a mature, yet utterly contemporary vibe onto the dance floor. This is not just a remix; it’s a celebration of the past, a nod to the present, and an invitation to lose yourself in the exhilarating rhythms of a timeless musical jour.


A Happy Station (Le Disco Extended Mix) 6:42

B1 Happy Station (Le Disco DJ Edit) 5:47

B2 Happy Station (Le Disco Radio Edit) 2:44


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