VA - Bonzai Compilation IV - The Fourth Level

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VA - Bonzai Compilation IV - The Fourth Level

Label : Bonzai Classics 

Format : 2 LP - Compilation - Remastered & More - Yellow Vinyl

Release : 28/06/2024 

Style : Trance - Techno - Bonzai Classics  


The wait is over for dance music enthusiasts and vinyl collectors! The legendary Bonzai compilation series from the 90s is back with its fourth installment. Presenting the fully remastered Bonzai Compilation IV - The Fourth Level, now available as an exclusive yellow vinyl package wrapped in a gatefold sleeve. This iconic collection features an array of timeless tracks that dominated dance floors and defined an era. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of electronic music history and relive the magic of this unique and vibrant release. Get your hands on it now and experience the beats that started it all!


A1. DJ Looney Tune - Beatbox (Remastered Tick Mix) 05’51”
A2. DJ Bountyhunter - Urban Feelings (Remastered Original Mix) 05’11”
A3. X-Change - Drug-War (Remastered Original Mix) 05’55"
B1. Trax Star - Explosive 1 (Remastered Original Mix) 04’09”
B2. Zone 1 - Zebra Crossing (Remastered Original Mix) 04’34”
B3. B.W.P. Experiments - Organic (Remastered Love Mix) 07’40"
C1. DJ Marko - Crystal Dark (Remastered La Rocca Mix) 07’41”
C2. The Disciples - Underrave (Remastered Original Mix) 04’46”
C3. D&S - It’s Not Over (Remastered Original Mix) 05’11"
D1. Trancial-X-Tion - Dead Bodies (Remastered Remix) 05’02"
D2. 3XXX - Disappear (Remastered Original Mix) 05’58”
D3. Chain-Dance - Chain-Reaction (Remastered Original Mix) 07’22”


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