Iskander Moon - Are You Lost Here ?

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Iskander Moon - Are You Lost Here ?

Label : [PIAS]

Format : 10" Vinyl - EP - Sea Green Vinyl

Release : 05/2024 

Style : Indie Pop - Belgian Pride 


Iskander Moens is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter whose single ‘Saturday Silence’ got picked up by Studio Brussel, got to #3 in de Afrekening and managed to easily collect over half a million streams. Not bad for the 22 year olds first ever release. Despite his young age Iskander already completed an extensive musical journey. As a young kid, he had the opportunity to tour across Europe with the choral ensemble Collegium Vocale (conducted by Philippe Herreweghe). He composed polyphonic pieces for the men's choir Dionysos Now! and was also active in various projects outside the classical world, including the tuxedorock trio HYPER! and the fusion band Shikata Ga Nai. He pursued classical piano education at MUDA and obtained his master's degree in music production at KASK last summer.


1 Prelude

2 American Dream

3 Saturday Silence

4 Beauty Of It All

5 Middle of Everything

6 Berlin

7 Like a Home Without You / Everything

8 *


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