Involucija – Tiha Povest Involucije

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Involucija – Tiha Povest Involucije

Label : Involucija Org

Format : 2 LP - Album

Release : 04/2024 

Style : Industrial - EBM - Techno 


“The Balkan Body Music wave has begun.

INVOLUCIJA is an experimental post-industrial collaboration with artists from ex-Yugoslavian countries, started by Michel Morin (Sneak-Thief / Polygamy Boys) and Lucija Invo.

This 2×12″ on their new Berlin label expands on their 2023 debut EP on aufnahme+wiedergabe with even fiercer inspiration from EBM, techno & Balkan musical traditions.

“Involution” is a metaphor for the ever-entangling depth of our situation – the world falls apart then re-organizes itself with unexpected and sometimes distressing connections. Increasing effort is demanded for our “productivity” and our only reward is diminishing returns. Enough is enough!

INVOLUCIJA is envisioned as a noise abrasive enough to resonate with and overcome this ever-increasing discomfort from which we try to dissociate.

We call this euphoric deprogramming.”


A1 U Ambisu Suštine 6:33

A2 Gogosteron I Turbina 5:11

B1 Šestaranje 5:39

B2 Deprogramiranje 1 6:22

C1 Prebačaj 5:47

C2 Hiperfokus 6:28

C3 Deprogramiranje 2 2:14

D1 Most U Snu 7:32

D2 Involucija 6:27

D3 Deprogramiranje 3 5:33


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