Odessa - Private Disco Show (12")

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Odessa - Private Disco Show

Label : Bordello A Parigi

Format : 12" Vinyl - Reissue

Release : 25/03/2024 

Style : Disco - Italo - Hi-NRG 


Montreal. 1983. In the studio, Denis and Denyse LePage once again marry their musical ability to produce a romance streaked electro disco gem. Fast forward three decades and the husband-wife partnership of Lime may be forgotten by some, but not by all. Odessa pays homage and treats you to a Private Disco Show. Synth lines are buffed and allowed to shine once again. Vocals take a back seat as glittering notes are given centre stage. Bright beaming bars, cascading chords and heady harmonies bob and weave in this refreshing of a true classic.

2024 repress with new artwork.


Odessa - Private Disco Show
Odessa - Private Disco Show (Instrumental)


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