Recall IV - Interstate

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Recall IV - Interstate

Label : Mecanica

Format : 2 LP - Compilation 

Release : 26/04/2024 

Style : Techno 


Recall IV is the project created by Andre Fischer that reached a massive success in the German techno scene in 1990 with the release of the single “Contrast” on Techno Drome International / ZYX Records. This was shortly followed by two more releases in 1991 (“Contrast – Part 2” and the extended play “Aesthetic”) and contributions to various compilations.

Andre has been a very active techno composer and producer since the late 80’s working with people like Lars Janzik, Carlos Perón, Giora Schein & Holger Wick (Konzept), Volker Then (Friends Of Carlotta) on countless projects including Scope, Scrot, Technoline, Trust in 6, ADSX, etc.

“Interstate” compiles tracks from all Recall IV singles, some old compilations and a selection of unreleased cuts and remixes. Limited edition of 500 copies on double vinyl with insert (thick black cardboard with die-cut logo) and sticker.


A1 Contrast (Boing Mix)

A2 Contrast Part 2 (Dub Mix)

A3 Contrast (Belgium-Mix 1)

A4 Contrast Part 3

B1 Aesthetic

B2 Ecstacy Recall

B3 Bass (Remix)

B4 Energetic Reprise

C1 Aesthetic Part 2

C2 XTC-Recall

C3 Aesthetic (US Mix)

C4 Accelerated Reality

D1 Aesthetic (Technoworld Mix)

D2 Maschinen Leben

D3 Contrast (Pure Trance)

D4 Far Away From My Own Land


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