Airod - Blackout EP (12")

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Airod - Blackout EP

Label : KNTXT

Format : 12" Vinyl

Release : 04/2024 

Style : Techno  


'Blackout' opens up with turbo-charged drums and twisted, laser-like synths that shoot across the dance floor. A female vocal adds some human soul to this most monstrous cut. 'It's Just A Dream' layers up urgent, high speed drum funk with more flashing synth loops that add light to the darkness of the grooves. 'Wind Breaker' has a haunting lead that drifts way up above the drums as subtle trance energy feeds into the mix and reflected vocals keep things futuristic. 'Balaclava' is the hardest cut of the lot with slamming, steely drums detailed with more ghostly vocal apparitions.

“I wanted to share with you the memories that I've gathered from each continent I discovered the past few months”, AIROD explains. “This EP will take you on a melodious yet ultra-punchy journey and transcribe all my travels & feelings from these recent times. Each track brings a different flavour to the listening experience, a path between hard-hitting bangers, heavy melodies and breathless energy. A surprising twist is hidden in each tune that I hope will not leave you indifferent. Just like the EP's cover, which embodies the sensation of before and after listening.”


A1 Blackout
A2 It's Just A Dream
B1 Wind Breaker
B2 Balaclava



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