Dr. Phibes - Acid Story 35th Anniversary (12")

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Dr. Phibes - Acid Story 35th Anniversary

Label : Diki Records

Format : 12" Vinyl - Yellow

Release : 08/12/2023 

Style : Techno  


One of the very first compositions by Bruno Sanchioni (Age of Love, BBE), released in 88 just at the beginning of the New Beat phenomenon that marked the history of Belgian music.

Along with Confetti's and Amnesia, it was one of the most popular tracks of its time and marked the start of a long and promising career for Bruno Sanchioni. Just 2 years later, he composed the original bassline for the legendary track "Age of Love", which, thanks to Jam & Spoon's remix, was to stamp the electronic music scene for several generations. Based on video clash created by the visionary Lil'Louis, the original slow tempo was enhanced by the highly recognisable vocal "The Story" and a simple but highly effective melody. It was already remixed 10 years later by Viper, with a rhythmic pattern once again inspired by the Chicago pioneers.

25 years on, this track still evokes emotion and still inspires a good number of artists to want to touch it up, and for the track's 35th anniversary it seemed appropriate to pay it a vibrant tribute by offering several remixes split into two different vinyl projects. In a faster, more acid-influenced style, the first project features a remix by DJHS, Manu Kenton and Furax, emblematic artists from the north of France, and is completed by Viper's excellent 98 remix for those who haven't heard it yet. DJHS is behind the legendary acid track 'Spokesman', Manu Kenton is one of the flagship artists of the 'Ghoststyle' label and Furax is behind 'Big Orgus'.


A1. Dr Phibes Acid Story D.J.H.S 2023 Remix 05.59
A2. Dr Phibes Acid Story Manu Kenton 2023 Remix 05.56
B1. Dr Phibes Acid Story Dj Furax 2023 Remix 04.44
B2. Dr Phibes Acid Story Viper Remix 05.15



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