The Overlords - Sundown EP (Yellow)

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The Overlords - Sundown EP

Label : Mecanica

Format : 12" Vinyl - Reissue - Yellow Vinyl

Release : 22/03/2024 

Style : EBM - Trance - Techno


Re-release of this timeless electronic anthem. A track that defies any classification. The perfect mix between Belgian techno, trance and EBM. “Sundown” was released as single in 1991 and instantly became a techno classic in Germany and all over the globe selling over 200,000 copies.

‘The Sunshine And The 909’ is without any doubt the most famous mix and a master piece remixed by Kenneth Baker, one of the pioneers of techno & house music movement in Denmark and founder of labels like Coma Records and Flex Records.

“…when I played Sundown for the first time at the Techno-Club in Dorian Gray, more than 25 people came to the DJ box and asked what it was…” (Talla 2XLC)

Limited edition of 500 copies including three classic remixes and one new re-edit.


The Overlords - Sundown (Sunshine And The 909 - Babymix)
The Overlords - Sundown (Sunshine And The 909 - Ionizer Redux)
The Overlords - Sundown (Ionizer Remix '92)
The Overlords - Sundown (Alpha*Beat)


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