Schicksal - Perpetuum : Cycle I

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Schicksal - Perpetuum : Cycle I

Label : Mecanica

Format : LP - Compilation - Limited Edition

Release : 09/2023 

Style : EBM - Minimal - Industrial 


Schicksal is the alias of Rudi Huybrechts from Belgium. Heavily inspired by Front 242 first album “Geography”, DAF’s elektronische körpermusik “Alles Ist Gut” and of course Kraftwerk’s “Man Machine” and “Computer World”, Rudi bought his first Roland SH-101 synthesizer and started in 1982 with Schicksal to experiment with synths and drum computers. He spent lot of hours programming and composing on his bedroom and recording everything on a tape recorder. A selection of these old tracks are included on “Perpetuum Cycle I”. You can definitely feel the vibe of this period and the place where the songs were created: the old industrial town of Hoboken, the culmination of the cold war and the aim of a young musician to combine melody and harmony into minimal electronic music. Recommended for fans of Absolute Body Control, The Klinik, minimal-synth and early EBM.


A1 Body Beat 4:33

A2 The Question 4:56

A3 Sex 4:08

A4 Joy 3:51

A5 Press Your Body (Edit) 2:38

B1 Sound Of The Drums 4:44

B2 I Sit Here Alone 5:04

B3 Ride Across The Desert 3:35

B4 A Reason To Stay 3:22

B5 Turkish Night 5:32


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