Disorientations - Lost Today

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Disorientations - Lost Today

Label : [PIAS]

Format : LP - Album - Transparant Black & White Marbled vinyl - Printed Innersleeve With Lyrics

Release : 19/04/2024

Style : Post-Punk - Darkwave - Alternative Rock - Belgian Pride  


'Lost Today' is a collection of introspective haunting songs and embodies the compelling moods and emotions of the members of the band. Overall, the music is a translation of contradictions in life. Disorientations muses about the intense attraction and repulsion of loving people around us and the appearance of rough emptiness when you lose something fragile.

By experimenting with additional guitar layers and atypical song structures, their new music opens up an exciting path towards an alternative and mature sound that seems to reconcile the sharp bursts of noise rock, the melancholic atmosphere of post-punk and an airy wall of sound reminiscent of the early 90s shoegaze vibe.

With 'Lost Today', Disorientations seems ready to take a whole new path. A musical search that seeks to capture a complex palette of emotions, in a world that seems lost in its own contradictions.


1. Loner
2. Crawlin'
3. Not Here 
4. Cynical
5. Mother
6. Drift 
7. Boredom
8. Escape
9. Momentary
10. Lost Today



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