Hydrogen Sea - Creature Comforts

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Hydrogen Sea - Creature Comforts

Label : Unday Records

Format : LP - Album - Limited Edition - Special Edition

Release : 27/10/2023 

Style : Indie Pop - Belgian Pride  


Special edition with a numbered & scented insert 

Hydrogen Sea's third full album Creature Comforts is a luscious, fresh, and vibrant collection of new songs that explore everything that offers us, fragile creatures, physical and mental comfort, and makes us feel good. It's the duo's first collaboration with producer Luuk Cox. The record sounds unapologetically light and colorful but dares to look at the shadows. As the soft-spoken TV painter Bob Ross once said, 'You need the dark in order to show the light.'


A1. Hydrogen Sea - Ammonite
A2. Hydrogen Sea - Candy
A3. Hydrogen Sea - Wine
A4. Hydrogen Sea - Dragons
A5. Hydrogen Sea - Cherry Milk
B1. Hydrogen Sea - Wolves
B2. Hydrogen Sea - Mycelium
B3. Hydrogen Sea - Watermelon
B4. Hydrogen Sea - Appalachia
B5. Hydrogen Sea - Earth


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