Oleksandr Yurchenko - Recordings Vol. 1 (1991-2001)

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Oleksandr Yurchenko - Recordings Vol. 1 (1991-2001)

Label : Shukai

Format : LP 

Release : 06/2023 

Style : Experimental - Electroacoustic 


Oleksandr Yurchenko (1966—2020) was a Ukrainian musician and illustrator. In 1990s and 2000s he took part in different bands from Kyiv, such as Electricians, Yarn, Blemish, Suphina’s Little Beast etc., and he also collaborated with Svitlana Nianio and Katya Chilly. Yurchenko is one of the brightest representatives of the Ukrainian independent scene in 90s. Meanwhile, he is one of the most mysterious musicians of this era, being a private person, especially in the late 2000s, when
Oleksandr had to leave music because of his illness, but he focused on doing book illustrations and graphic works. In 2010s some of his early records were published, and he was asked for an interview, but he refused, suffering from a serious disease at that time. In April 2020, Oleksandr Yurchenko died, leaving behind a great musical legacy.



A1.: Count to 100. Symphony #1 (edit 2001) 25:37
B1. Intro 03:40
B2. Merta Zara #3 05:11
B3. Playback #1 09:12
B4. Playback #2 03:44


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