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Funky Chicken : Belgian Grooves From The 70's Part 1

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Funky Chicken : Belgian Grooves From The 70's Part 1 

Label : SDBAN Records

Format : 2 LP - Compilation - Repress

Release : 2014 

Style : Funk - Soul - Latin 


Funky Chicken brings together some of the best Belgian dance tracks from the early seventies. Emerged in a country where virtually every musical wave passes through, most of these tunes were created and recorded by hired guns, in this case a few clusters of gifted session musicians and composers. The music on Funky Chicken is their take on (afro-)funk, soul and Latin. Some of their releases were hit parade cannon fodder, but occasionaly, some spare studio time or the urgent need for a B-side allowed for memorable musical experiments.

Funky Chicken is a post-fact documentation, the result of a quest into a period on which information is few and far between, the 'black hole' in Belgium's history of popular music. The barren wasteland between the variety orchestras of the sixties and the electronic revolution of the late seventies and early eighties. This series explores the ground the dance pioneers built upon.


A1 Chakachas - Stories
A2 Mad Unity - Funky Tramway
A3 René Costy - Ostinato Bass
A4 Alex Scorier - Topless
B1 Open Sky Unit - Sunshine Star
B2 Plus - Gimme Some More Of That
B3 André Brasseur - Funky
B4 Chicken Curry & His Pop Percussion Orchestra - Librium

C1 Placebo - Balek
C2 Les Hélions - Music & C°
C3 Black Blood - Avenue Louise
C4 S.S.O. feat. Douglas Lucas & The Sugar Sisters - Tonight's The Night
D1 Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc. - Ritual
D2 André Brasseur - Saturnus
D3 Chocolat's - El Caravanero

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