Red Screen - New-York Philharmonic (12")

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Red Screen - New-York Philharmonic

Label : Serious Beats Classics

Format : 12" Vinyl - Picture Disc

Release : 17/03/2023

Style : Trance - Club Classic 


It was hard to imagine a follow up to Yellow Screen as it was so successful. The pressure on our shoulders was quite high and rightly so, so we had to outdo ourselves for sure.

The first one to be « see the light » was New-York Philharmonic. A tasty mix of breakbeat, techno and trance. The main melody is just hypnotizing and gives a real feeling of escape. This track was chosen to be the main track of the EP.

Strawberry Milk is the most "underground" track of the EP. It is above all a personal pleasure of producers & composers in studio. We knew that New-York Philharmonic was going to be a hit so we had fun without any pressure on this track. It's a much more "mental" track that still gives off a certain melancholy.

Friday Sickness is without a doubt Mr Sam's favorite of all the tracks in the "Screen" series. It just contains all the elements that make a track perfect. It was as its name indicates composed and finished on a Friday when Mr Sam was sick.

The track was played the next day on CD at La bush and gave the audience a great moment of emotion. Mr Sam knew right away that the track was going to be a big success.

This EP is a perfect symbiosis of Mr. Sam's and Fred Baker's vision and proved that their relationship would only result in one classic release after another. The duo was only at the beginning of a great journey.


A : New-York Philharmonic

B1 : Strawberry Milk

B2 : Friday Sickness

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