VA - 30 Years Bonzai (5x12")

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VA - 30 Years Bonzai

Label : Bonzai Records - Universal

Format : Boxset - 5x12"

Release : 28/10/2022 - REPRESS 10/02/2023

Style : Techno - Hard House - Club Classics 


The 30 Years Bonzai 5x12” vinyl box set features 28 massive tracks spanning 3 decades. An all-inclusive aural history of the Bonzai sound and a foundational guide for those wanting to know more about electronic dance music in all its forms in the 90’s. From those very first sparks of hard techno in 1992, to the nu rave cuts of 2022, Bonzai stands the test of time, offering the sounds of now and then, as your vehicle to lose yourself in the music if only for a short period. We’re humbled to be still at the cutting edge of our scene and we invite you to celebrate with us by owning this piece of history as a tribute to the artists and DJ’s. Spread across each 12” you’ll find tracks from Yves Deruyter, Bountyhunter, Thunderball, Final Analyzis, Airwave, Push, DJ Looney Tune, Blue Alphabet, Trancescape, Dave Davis, Quadran, Zolex, Axis and a superb contemporary take by Charlotte De Witte of Jones & Stephenson’s The First Rebirth and many more.


A1 Push - Universal Nation (The Real Anthem) (Original Mix) 10’15”
A2 Yves Deruyter - … Animals (Remix) 04’16”
A3 Dreamland - Mind Penetration (Original Mix) 04’11”

B1 Dave Davis - Transfiguration Original Mix) 06’30”
B2 Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One (Original Mix) 04’13”
B3 Bountyhunter - Woops (Original Mix 04’17”
B4 Thunderball - It’s Your DJ (Original Mix) 03’42”

C1 Zolex presents Carat Trax - The Message (Veroniq-Mas Mix) 08’24”
C2 Push - The Legacy (Club Mix) 08’54”

D1 Trancescape - Producelast Original Mix) 06’15”
D2 Extreme Trax - Final Fantasy (Vocal Mix) 07’07”
D3 Final Analyzis - El Punto Final (Power Mix) 04’35”

E1 Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House (Original Mix) 07’37”
E2 Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance (Original Mix) 05’23”
E3 Bountyhunter - Demilitarized Zone (Extended Mix) 05’06”

F1 DJ Looney Tune - Workstation (M.I.K.E.’s Energized Remix) 08’29”
F2 Belgica Wave - The Wave (Original Mix) 05’28”
F3 Axis - Come On (Original Mix) 05’30”

G1 Yves Deruyter - The Rebel (Original Mix) 07’59"
G2 Quadran featuring Tasha - Unlovable (M.I.K.E. Remix) 08’31”

H1 The Blackmaster - Time Never Stops! (Maxi Version) 08’07”
H2 Airwave - When Things Go Wrong (Original Mix) 07’01”
H3 Tyrome - Noxious Original Mix) 05’42”

I1 Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Charlotte De Witte Remix) 08’28”
I1 The Green Martian - Industry (Original Mix) 08’36”

J1 M.I.K.E. - Sunrise At Palamos (Original Mix) 07’31”
J2 Hitch-Hiker & Dumont - A New Dimension (Original Mix) 07’17”
J3 DJ Looney Tune - Beatbox (Original Mix) 05’52”

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