Bonzai Records - The Mixtapes - Volume 1 - The Sound Of T.G.V (MC)

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Bonzai Records - The Mixtapes - Volume 1 - The Sound Of T.G.V (MC)

Label : Bonzai Classics 

Format : Mixtape - Cassette - Limited Edition

Release : 05/2020 

Style :  Trance - Hard Trance



A1 Blue Alphabet– Cybertrance (Remastered Original Mix)

A2 The Blackmaster– Time Never Stops (Remastered Maxi Version)

A3 Axel Stephenson– Varcaz In Trance (Original Mix)

A4 Introspective– Land Of The Rising Sun (Original Mix)

A5 DJ F– Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)

A6 Techno Junkies– Entropy Step (Original Mix)

A7 System D– Shipment In Trance (Original Mix)

A8 Yves Deruyter– Outsiders (Original Mix)

A9 X-Change– The Indians (Original Mix)

A10 Zolex Presents Carat Trax– The Message (Remastered Veroniq-Mas Mix)

A11 Mooneyes– Twilight Creatures (Original Mix)

A12 The Disciples– Underrave (Original Mix)

A13 DJ Bountyhunter– Users Hunt (Remastered Original Mix)

B1 Traxcalibur– The Dreamer (Remastered Original Mix)

B2 DJ Bountyhunter– The Lord (Original Mix)

B3 System D– Trancefusion (Marnix Trance Mix)

B4 Thunderball– Thunderdance (Original Mix)

B5 Batteries Not Included– Sleepless (Original Mix)

B6 X-Change– Ready To Rock (Original Mix)

B7 System D– Deviant Behaviour (Original Mix)

B8 Strange Food– Junk Food (Original Mix)

B9 Belgica Wave Party– I'll Be Your Guest (Original Mix)

B10 DJ Bountyhunter– Woops (Remastered Original Mix)

B11 Yves Deruyter– Guess Who? (Original Mix)

B12 Aqua Contact– Cinderella (Original Mix)

B13 DJ Bountyhunter– Short Circuit (Original Mix)

B14 DJ Bountyhunter– Demilitarized Zone (Extended Mix)

B15 Thunderball– It's Your DJ (Original Mix)

B16 Bam-Bam– La Casa (Original Mix)

B17 Dave Davis– Transfiguration (Original Mix)

B18 Trancial Action– Dead Bodies (Remix)

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