Dive - Behind The Sun

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Dive - Behind The Sun

Label : Mecanica

Format : 2 LP - Album - Reissue - Limited Edition - 500# Copies - Orange Vinyl

Release : 14/10/2022

Style :  Industrial - EBM - Electro - Belgian Pride


Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on double orange vinyl record, gatefold and printed inner sleeves. Includes all original album tracks plus a bunch of extras taken from the “Frozen” EP recorded together with Diskonnekted, the complete “Lies In Your Eyes” EP and the rare song “Lost Horizon”.

Re-release for the first time on vinyl for this album originally from 2004 on Daft Records. “Behind The Sun” marked the return of Dirk Ivens after five years focused on other projects (The Klinik and Sonar). This time in collaboration with the Spanish musician Rafael M. Espinosa (Geistform) and with production skills of Eric van Wonterghem (Monolith, Insekt). All gained experience by Dirk shapes this album in a perfect way and the Dive-typical sobriety is not long in coming on every track with a sense of electronic menace, shown through a blaze of squeaks, hisses and subliminal aggressiveness. "Behind The Sun" is a first class work and Mr. Ivens once again confirms his exceptional position in the EBM-industrial scene.


A1. Your God
A2. Lost Inside You
A3. This Is Me
A4. Behind The Sun
A5. Nobody Else
B1. No, Nothing
B2. Not Alone
B3. Heart And Soul
B4. Deadman
B5. This Is The World
C1. Frozen
C2. Do You Believe It?
C3. Dead End Street
C4. Everything Is Fine
C5. Lost Horizon
D1. Command Him
D2. Insanity
D3. Lies In Your Eyes
D4. Under Attack
D5. Poison Kiss

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