DJ Looney Tune - Classics EP (10")

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DJ Looney Tune - Classics EP (10")

Label : Bonzai Classics

Format : 10" Vinyl

Release : 01/07/2022

Style : Electronic - Trance


Bonzai Classics continues to dig into the archives, selecting some of the best retro gems. DJ Looney Tune is next in line for the vinyl treatment and we’ve got two bangers to make it even more special. DJ Looney Tune is the brainchild of top Belgian artist Ramses De Craene, who is also known for several other projects such as, Da Tune, Freeze, Hard Beatz, M.W.F., R.A.M.S.E.S. and Tazmanian. He has also worked in several groups, notably Black Widow, Bomb Trexx, Hard Beatz, Mental Refreshment, Oddworld (with Laurent Veronnez), Phrenetic System, Repulsive 2 (with Stefan Melis), The Bomb Squad, The Sync (with Mike Dierickx) and Zenith where he contributed heavily to the early Bonzai sound. Under his DJ Looney Tune guise, he was responsible for many top hits in Europe and across the world, Beatbox on Bonzai Records, Jumpin' & Pumpin' on Bonzai Jumps and Boom On The Moon on Axma among others. It was these tracks that catapulted his presence on the scene and when Workstation hit the sound systems things took off even bigger. The track was synonymous with peak time moments in clubs where it brought the crowd higher and higher with its trancey techno style. Several remixes were commissioned soon after, with M.I.K.E.'s Energized Remix doing the business, thanks to his magic touch. On this freshly squeezed 10” vinyl we’ve got M.I.K.E.’s famous remix along with the much tougher, edgier Jumpin’ & Pumpin’. A perfect addition to any collection.


A1 Workstation (Remastered M.I.K.E.’s Energized Remix) 08’31"
B1 Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ (Remastered Original Mix) 07’23"


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