Bézier - Valencia (12")

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Bézier - Valencia

Label : Dark Entries

Format : 12" Vinyl - EP

Release : 02/2022 

Style : Electronic - Electro - EBM - Techno


Bézier returns to Dark Entries with Valencia, a six track rumination on memory, geography, and transmutation. Multi-instrumentalist Robert Yang’s Bézier project has appeared on Dark Entries many times over the last decade, most recently with the 2018 LP Parler Musique. Says Yang, “What started as a project to investigate the love of the sound and scenery while living in San Francisco quickly developed into a passionate search for interlocking melodies and driving rhythms.”
On Valencia, Bézier invokes twinned places. The Valencia Street of San Francisco is channeled, which was the center of the city’s vibrant new wave scene in the 1980s.


Past The Marshes
Reservoir (feat Len.Leo)

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