The Ultimate Dreamers - Live Happily While Waiting For Death

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The Ultimate Dreamers - Live Happily While Waiting For Death

Label : Wool-E Discs - Dans Les Profondeurs

Format : LP - Album

Release : 09/2021 

Style : Coldwave - Post-Punk - Belgian Pride 


Lessines, Belgium, mid-1980s. The city that saw the birth of surrealist artists such as René Magritte or Louis Scutenaire looked like a musical desert. Three friends decided to create a band: voice, bass guitar and analog synths. Later, two other guys joined them.

The Ultimate Dreamers are influenced by Belgian cold wave and British post-punk music but the teenagers explored their own way. The frigid, organic tones tainted with melancholy melodies maybe catchy, maybe verging on the dissonant, serve as a backdrop for themes dominated by raw dreams, distressed love and social criticism. Between 1986 and 1990, they wrote and self-recorded numerous tracks at home before falling asleep.

Thirty years on, COVID oblige, the recordings resurfaced and were brought to the ear of Dimitri, the record label magnate behind Wool-E Discs, who immediately offers an album deal. After selection and mastering, 11 tracks were to be selected for the LP and another 10 as bonus tracks for the CD, all under the banner of Live Happily While Waiting For Death.


1 I Love You​?​! 3:34

2 Japanese Death 3:00

3 Never Die 4:56

4 Female Zone 4:22

5 Education 2:48

6 Funeral Waltz 3:59

7 I Hate You?! 2:44

8 A Long Time Ago 4:11

9 Laughing Furniture 3:30

10 No Matter 4:16

11 S'envoler 7:24


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