Arpanet - Inertial Frame

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Arpanet - Inertial Frame

Label : Record Makers

Format : 2 LP - Album - Repress

Release : 08/2021 

Style : Electro - Experimental 


Under his real name Gerald Donald, Arpanet is a man-machine from Detroit fond of science with multiple identities:Glass Domain, Heinrich Mueller, also part of Drexciya, and Dopplereffekt. Following Kraftwerk, he became on his turn a real pioneer of an uncluttered and effective industrial electronic music.


A1. Univers Oscillation
A2. Grossvater Paradoxon
A3. Axis Of Rotation
B1. Infinite Density (edit)
B2. Zero Volume
B3. Twin paradox

C1. No Boundry Condition
C2. Schwarzchild Radius
C3. Event Horizon
D1. Chandrasekhars Limit
D2. Ergosphère (edit)
D3. Lorentz Contraction
D4. Gravitational Lense


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