Psychonaut & Saver - Emerald

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Psychonaut & Saver - Emerald

Label : Pelagic Records

Format : LP - Split Release

Release : 21/05/2021

Style : Post Metal - Heavy Metal - Psychedelic Rock 


PSYCHONAUT and SAVER are akin in many ways: both artists embody and explore corporal, physical heaviness in their sound as much as spirituality and philosophy, both artists often stretch their compositions close to the 20 minutes mark, and both artists redefine the concept of the classic power trio within a context of genre-bending, modern heavy music; where SAVER plea for calculated minimalism, PSYCHONAUT employ an arsenal of percussion instruments on their recordings, and it is even more so astonishing how well they manage to reduce the polyphonic assault to the trio in a live setting. PSYCHONAUT literally came from out of nowhere; Mechelen, Belgium, to be precise. Their 2020 album “Unfold The God Man” showcases excellent musicianship and songwriting abilities, heavily influenced by 70’s bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but also drawing inspiration from contemporary heavy artists like Tool and Amenra.

SAVER from Oslo, Norway delivered an equally astounding debut album - “They Came With Sunlight” (2019) - of sublime heaviness, shimmering moogs, abrasive vocals and a devastating, gnarly bass tone. Their jaw-dropping performance at the renowned Oya Festival in Oslo in the summer before the pandemic, accompanied by mesmerizing visuals on a huge screen, was a foreboding of what to expect from this band in the future. 


1 Psychonaut – The Great Realisation (16:31)

2 Saver – Dimensions Lost, Obscured By Aeons (19:05)


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