Dijf Sanders - Lichen (MC)

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Dijf Sanders - Lichen

Label : Unday Records

Format : Cassette

Release : 26/03/2021 

Style :  Electronic - Experimental - Belgian Pride


'Lichen' is a selection of rarities from Dijf Sanders' hard drive. Dijf reworked and compiled six songs that didn't make it to the previous albums, but now form a new collection in their own right. Lichen mostly comprises reworked creations he did for dance and performance, nostalgic compositions that fuse organic electronics with classical music.

Here are some words from Dijf Sanders:

I love blending the acoustic with the electronic, treating the electronics as ancient instruments. I like to imagine they were meant to be played this way, many centuries ago.

These are the tracks that make my heart rest and my mind pause for a while. They were written somewhere between 2016 and 2021. All of these tracks were originally created for dance and performances. Hence the dramatic touch to them.

This is where they might differ from my other tracks. They share both an amplified emotionality and a certain minimalism.

I'm delighted that these "dropouts" finally found their little club. A club called 'Lichen'.


A1. Stroking The Furnace

A2. Spring In Autumn

A3. The Undergrowth

B1. Brothers Theme

B2. Swans On Drums

B3. Dynasty Of Sparrows

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