VA - Bonzai Compilation Chapter One

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VA - Bonzai Compilation Chapter One

Label : Bonzai Vinyl - BCV2020017

Format : 2 LP - Gatefold - Limited Edition - 1000 Numbered Copies   

Release : 27/11/2020 

Style : Trance - Hard Trance - Techno - ... 


Bonzai Compilation – Chapter One was our very first curation from 1993. In a pioneering move, the original Chapter One would become the very first CD compilation to bring the sound of the Belgian underground outside of the club and into your everyday life. In less than one year, Bonzai Records had stamped its mark on the scene and, laden with tracks, the logical thing to do was to get those tracks into the hands of dedicated ravers across Belgium, Europe and the world.

Chapter One marked the beginning of a string of compilations which featured full-length cuts from a burgeoning catalogue. Originally with 14 tracks including … Animals, Short Circuit, Soushkin, Plasma, El Punto Final, Fantasy, E-Mission and more found their way to the CD, but it was never released on vinyl before.

This gatefold sleeve 2 x 12” black vinyl limited edition features a selection of 13 tracks taken from the newly remastered 2CD pack, and includes tracks such as Filler, Let’s Go, Twilight Creatures, Fantasy, Guess Who?, The Bountyhunter, El Punto Final, Rediscovert, Sleepless and more. A real collector’s item because with only
1000 copies being made, this one is for the trainspotters.

Enjoy this special remastered limited numbered vinyl edition of Bonzai Compilation - Chapter One.


A1. DJ Bountyhunter - Short Circuit (Remastered Original Mix) 03’15”
A2. X-Change - Ready To Rock (Remastered Original Mix) 04’21”
A3. Final Analyzis - El Punto Final (Remastered Power Mix) 04’36”
A4. Batteries Not Included - Sleepless (Remastered Original Mix) 03’48"
B1. Yves Deruyter - Guess Who? (Remastered Original Mix) 05’34”
B2. Phrenetic System - Fantasy (Remastered Original Mix) 03’57”
B3. Mooneyes - Twilight Creatures (Remastered Original Mix) 06’20"

C1. DJ Bountyhunter - The Bountyhunter (Remastered Original Mix)
C2. Strange Food - Strange Food (Remastered No Vocal Mix) 06’05”
C3. X-Change - Let’s Go (Remastered Original Mix) 04’28"
D1. Belgica Wave - Filler (Remastered Original Mix) 05’23"
D2. Bam Bam - Good Morning (Remastered Original Mix) 04’59”
D3. Deep Atmosfear - Rediscovert (Remastered Original Mix) 05’37”


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