Push - From Beyond (12")

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Push - From Beyond

Label : Bonzai Classics - BVC2020009

Format : 12" Vinyl - Transparent Purple

Release : 25/09/2020 

Style :  Trance - House


Mike Dierickx's Push guise is a world-renowned name in the many facets of dance music, particularly within the trance genre. Since 1994 this guy has been putting out top quality sounds, from Acid Hysteria to Da Story. 1998 was the breakthrough year in many respects, it was the year that Universal Nation was born, the rest is history. Surprisingly - for an artist who had been around for a long time - his first album didn't arrive until 2000. The first album from Push was From Beyond, this one was full of already established hits as well as new material from the trance maestro himself. The mighty Universal Nation, Travelogue, Strange World, The Legacy and more. So, we’ve decided to give this one a fresh release as a 12” vinyl sampler containing three choice cuts, Till We Meet Again, Tranzy State Of Mind and Cosmonautica. Check this one out and discover Mike's melodic touches and driving trance grooves.

One the A-side we have a brand-new bonus track titled, Elegance. A real dynamic, charging uplifter with nostalgic qualities. True fans and proper trance enthusiasts will love this one. Full, chunky kick drums lead us out as a chugging bassline is joined by huge synth stabs, fashioned into pleasurable melodies with that distinct Push sound. The break builds nicely, getting the hands in the air, waiting for the oncoming climax which does not disappoint.

Joining Elegance on the A-side, we have Tranzy State Of Mind, an epic, full on trance mover. A typical Push production with cascading melodies that send shivers down your spine. The chugging bassline and solid beats drew you in, infecting the mind while the euphoria kicked in thanks to those sublime synths.

On the flip side in the B1 slot we have a special tribute Mike wrote for his friend and colleague, Stephano Marino. Till We Meet Again is a dynamic and emotionally charged slice of trance. Full of energy and drive, this one remains one of the best trance records ever made.

In the B2 position, Cosmonautica resides, taking us on a slightly different path. The intro is non-descript with a muted kick and soft melody. Sharper synths and twisted percussions come through before a rolling bassline takes over. The track builds and builds into a powerful trance groove, full of emotion and drive.


A1. Elegance (Original Mix) 07’16”
A2. Tranzy State Of Mind (Club Mix) 07’27"
B1. Till We Meet Again (Album Mix) 08’33"
B2. Cosmonautica (Original 12” Mix) 07’04”


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