Millionaire - Applz Not Applz

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Millionaire - Applz Not Applz

Label : Unday Records - UNDAY114LP

Format : Vinyl - LP - Album

Release : 06/03/2020

Style : Rock 


After two groundbreaking and successful albums in the early 2000s, musical mastermind Tim Vanhamel shifted his focus to a more intimate solo record and a string of side projects, including Broken Glass Heroes (with Pascal Deweze), Eat Lions, The Hickey Underworld en Tom Barman's Magnus. He ended up with his first love Millionaire in 2017 though, after a twelve-year hiatus. Out of nowhere, he released the magnum opus 'Sciencing' in 2017, getting rave reviews all over the place and putting Millionaire back on the map. The band kicked off a sold-out release tour on Best Kept Secret Festival in the summer of '17. Three years later, Vanhamel is back with a new record.


A1. Cornucopia

A2. Los Romanticos

A3. Strange Days

A4. Whiplash

A5. The Watchman

B1. Selected Garden Works

B2. Applude

B3. Can't Stop the Noise

B4. Dig a Ditch

B5. Blue Mountains, White Sky

B6. There is a Heart Riot Going On


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